minos - diary december 2008

Tuesday 30 December, 2008
Beautiful Minos son Rolex has attended his first show the 26 of December!! He became BOB-puppy!! Biggest Congratulations to you!!! :) I'm sooo proud! Take a look at his homepage Rex Ventors Rolex!
Monday 29 December, 2008
We are having lovely lasy winter days at our house/cottage in Lunger. It's -11 degrees and the sun is shining! Lovely weather! Could just wish for some more snow and then it would be perfect! Will update with more photos soon!
Winter at Lunger 2008!
Minos at Lunger 2008!
Sunday 28 December, 2008
It's "dad" Lelles birthday!!! Huge Congratulations best Lelle! We love you! :)
Lelles birthdaycake!
Minos and Lelle!
Friday - Sunday 19-21 December, 2008
This weekend Jenny and I went with Gerard O'Shea to his Anatomy cours in Gothenburg! I really good and inspiring course! As the beginner as I'm - now I understand a lot more about a dogs anatomy and why they move like they do! Thank you Tina for letting out your bed to me! ;) Next time I promise that Maddox can sleep beside me! ;) And thank you Tina and Jenny for all the wonderful laughter! :)
Tuesday 16 December, 2008
The biggest news from here is that we yesterday bought a NEW APARTMENT!! :) Finally! So now we are both looking forward to the baby and moving, at the same time! ;) Well let's see how that goes!

This year Minos has fulfilled more than I have ever dreamt of! I'm so proud of him - just for being the great dog he really is in so many ways! And nothing can change that!!
I also want take the opportunity to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2009! I hope 2009 will be a very, very good year for you all! And for all of you (you know who you are) that have supported me in so many ways this year, I can't thank you enough! Now I know who my true friends are!! :) Thank you for being honest to me! I appreciate that a lot! :)

Wednesday 10 December, 2008
Lunchwalk with Jenny and Vimla!! :)
Vimla and Minos!
Monday 7 December, 2008
Just had to show Minos most beautiful daughter RV Rakel who lives in Norway at Kennel Chanjamaa! Lovely snow pictures!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Saturday 6 December, 2008
Today we have attended "Stora Stockholm" - Dog 2008 show here in Stockholm, Älvsjö. I was a bit nervous at first, mostly for running with Minos in the huge ring with my contractions, but it turned out fine and the contractions wasn't so bad... Lucky me it's our last show before the baby comes out! :) Anyhow we ended up 4th best champion male in a strong competition! I feel just fine with that :)

In Australia Ruger attended his last baby puppy show and ended up Best Baby Puppy in Group!!! Isn't he just lovely!!!??
Rex Ventors Ruger!
Rex Ventors Ruger!
Thursday 4 December, 2008
Vimla is here! Mum Jenny had some errands to take care of so she let Vimla in at our place! :) We took a walk when I came home and now they are looking sweet in the bed/sofa! Adorable!

Take a look at the dog in the film! HOW fast isn't he?!?! Wow!
Vimla och Minos!
Vimla och Minos!
Vimla och Minos!
Vimla och Minos!
Vimla och Minos!
Vimla och Minos!
Wednesday 3 December, 2008
As usual walk with Jenny & darling Vimla! In the eaving we all took a walk down to Solvalla to watch Jenny and her familys hourse compeating! What a fun thing to do! Jenny and I was betting (and winnig!!) and Minos and Vimla had like a "smorgasbord" just in front of thier noses... Yammy, horse poo is great! ;)
The track on Solvalla!
Minos and Vimla at Solvalla!
Minos and Vimla at Solvalla!
Tuesday 2 December, 2008
I feel ashamed... I haven't written about Minos son Rhubens show debut in Enköping!! I'm sooooo sorry Carola and Fredrik! A while ago Rhuben entered the ring for the first time! He ended up 3rd best male (compeating against dogs 6-9 months!) with honour's price! Biggest Congratulations to you!!! I'm so proud!
Rex Ventors Rhuben!