minos - diary january 2012

Tuesday May 15th, 2012
Tonight Minos and I had a wonderful obedience training and photo shoot evening with Jenny & Vimla and Hanna, Albin & Helge in Solna Sundbyberg BK.

Minos was in his very best mood and the training was super! King Minos never stops to amaze me!

Jenny took some wonderful pictures of my darling! Thank you Jenny at SIS designs for you immortalise him for me soooo beautifully!
You know how much that means to me! ♥
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
Saturday May 12th, 2012
Today the African Hunter's litter starts moving to their new homes! How exciting! You can see them all and their new "mums & dads" here. Good luck to all of you!
Thursday May 10th, 2012
I & Minos has been visiting African Hunter's kennel tonight. The puppies have developed into wonderful individuals and I were really happy to see them all! Got some pics with my camera. Stacked pictures and headshots will come later. Have a look!
African Hunter's C-litter!
Friday April 13th, 2012
Magicalline Rhodesian Ridgebacks A-litter - Minos ♥ Magic seven wonders are here!! ♥
They were born on the 13th of April and there were 7 puppies. Three males and four females. One girl offset and one boy with DS.
Magicalline Rhodesian Ridgebacks A-litter!
Wednesday March 21st, 2012
♥ Unfortunately, we had to put two puppies to sleep today. One was a small correct male that despite our efforts to provide extra food did not want to be with us any more.
The second was a female with a very bad kink tail. The vet thought it was for the best to let her go to sleep ♥

♥Rest in peace sweethearts ♥
Darling Miss Yellow!
Saturday March 17th, 2012
African Hunter's Amazing C-litter - Minos ♥ Keba thirteen sweethearts are here!! ♥
They were born on the 17th of March and there were 13 puppies, four males and nine females all with black nose!
Darling Keba with her 13 wonders!
Friday March 9th, 2012
♥ Magic is confirmed in whelp! ♥
Thursday February 16th, 2012
♥ Minos and Magic mated 14, 15 and 16 February, 2012. ♥ Fingers crossed for puppies the mid April!
Love Magic/Minos!
Saturday January 28, 2012
Today I have been on a very inspiring lecture with Jan Gyllensten in "Our dog mentality in everyday life and breeding" organized by our Breed club - Special Club Rhodesian Ridgeback Sweden.

There after, we participants had a very interesting discussion regarding the formulation of new "RAS" (Breed specific breeding strategy for Rhodesian Ridgeback).

Personally, I think it's very important that we as dog owners are there to listen and participate in these breeding discussions. Unfortunately, dog owners shines by their absence... Very sad, I think. The breeding questions is not only a breeder/ owner of the bitch question.

It has become poorly with pictures of my dear Minos lately. But here are a few pictures taken during the Christmas break :)

Take care of each other!

Darling Minos!
Darling Minos!
Darling Minos!
Darling Minos!
Darling Minos!
Monday January 23rd, 2012
♥ Minos and Keba mated 18, 19 and 20 januari, 2012. ♥ Fingers crossed for puppies at end of March!

SE VCH Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona & SE UCH FI UCH LP1 African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!