minos - diary may 2009

Sunday May 31st, 2009
Mothers day!
Look what I've got from Axel! (or Lelle...) Beautiful isn't it?! I love it!!
My mothers day present - Efva Attling necklace!
My mothers day present - Efva Attling necklace!
Wednesday May 27th, 2009
I have ordered a necklace for myself with my darlings names on it! Have a look! Beautiful isn't it?! :)

Darling Minos is as always soooo cute with Axel! Today he had to check him while he was on the floor!
Beautiful necklace!
and back!
Tuesday May 26th, 2009
Long time no see again! Hum, that's life! What's up here then?

A lot has happend with the Minos puppies! Here is a summery!

  • Rakel
  • attended the NKK Kristiansand show the 10th of May. She placed 2ond in junior class! Very well done Rakel and Anne Karin! :) Here comes some new photos of the lovely young lady!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
  • Ramses
  • attended Kennel club show at Österbybruk 23rd of May. He won (!) the junior class with champion quality! Very well done Ramses and mum Sofia! :)
Rex Ventors Ramses!
  • Rare Edition - Ruger
  • attended three champ shows 16-17th of May - puppy of breed at the first show, dog CC and Ru/BOB at the second and show & puppy in group at the third show - his first points towards his Australian champion title! Un:ortunately no pictures this time but here comes an old time favourite! :)
Rex Ventors Rare Edition - Ruger!
  • Raven
  • I've got some new photos of stunning young boy Raven! Thank you Daniel! :)
Rex Ventors Raven!
Rex Ventors Raven!
  • Rizla
  • also attended the Kennel club show at Österbybruk 23rd of May. She placed second with champion quality! Congratulations Rizla and dad Radko! :)
Rex Ventors Rizla!
  • Rolex
  • I've got some new photos of handsome young boy Rolex! Thank you Maria and Sandrah! :)
Rex Ventors Rolex!
Rex Ventors Rolex!
Wednesday May 13th, 2009
Today it's mums brother-in-law, Mats birthday! 40 year old! Happy birthday Mats!!

Nothing special has happend... We are still sick in the terrible cold! We have been with Jenny to Strömsholm to pick up Vimla after her surgery last week! Poor poor Vimla! We love her!
We have been on a date with Stefan, Anna Karin and Aston despite the cold... Thank you for dragging the whole family out! :) Now we are heading to Lunger. Or at least Axel, mum and me! Dad Lelle is heading Enduroschool at High Chaparral! Some new photos of Axel. You can see them in his 8 weeks gallery!

Don't forget to visit our mobile blog now and then!
Sleepy Minos!
Taking it easy!
Resting togehter!
Thursday May 7th, 2009
We spended this weekend in Lunger also. Unfortunately the whole family is kind of sick, we are all having a bad cold! So right now we are kind of off... Despite the cold we enjoyed our first barbecue at little sister Maritas place! It was an exquisite meal!! :) Thank you Marita and Greger!

This week otherwise is most spent indoors since Axel got fever. Minos gets brain exercise by picking up his toys (for candy of course!) and doing other tricks. We have just started to practice a new trick, hopefully someone can videotape it when it's finished so you can share Minos brilliant talent! ;)

Before we got sick we spended an evening at the Kadamo Kennel to have a look at the adorable puppies! Thanks Karin for letting me smell the little ones!

I've taken some new photos of Axel. You can see them in his own gallery!
Barbecue at Marita and Greger!
Minos at the lake!
Minos at the deck in Lunger!
Kadamo puppies!
Kadamo puppies!
Kadamo puppies!
Kadamo puppies!