minos - diary july 2009

Sunday July 26th, 2009
Anna Karin, Stefan and Minos brother Aston paid us a visit! Lovely to have you here!! :)

This weekend we went to Orust to visit Lelles grandma & granpa! After that me & Minos attended the RR Specialty Show at Tjolöholms Castle and ended up 2nd best male!
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!

Axel has started to eat porridge... that was an experience! For both of us I think! ;)
Minos and Aston !
Axel and Anna Karin!
Minos flying!
Axel eating porridge!
Minos and Axel
Monday July 20th, 2009
This weekend Ruger was awarded more points towards his Australian Champion title! He was awarded Best Junior in the Hound Group and was shortlised for Best Junior in Show (All Breeds)! What a guy!!! :)
RV Ruger!
Yesterday we finally meet up with Linda, Yancy & Rylie!! What a feeling! :) Rylie is just adorable! Like a little princess! :)
Linda and Axel!
Rylie sleeping!
Rylie, Linda and Axel!
Yancy and Axel!
Linda and Axel!
Thursday July 9th, 2009
Rain is pouring down! Boooooring! We want sunshine so we can go bath! Minos and I took a dip in the lake yesterday (21,5 degrees) but it was very cloudy so it wasn't that nice as it could be...

Sofia has taken some pictures of Minos son Ramses!! He also is a Minos look alike! Have a look! :)
RV Ramses and mum Sofia!
Monday July 6th, 2009
Got some new pictures of Axel 16 weeks!
Sunday July 5th, 2009
"Grandma" Miriam's 60th birthday!! Congratulations!!!
Today RV Rizla became BOS at the Int KC show in Visby, Gotland!!! She took her 2nd certificate to become a Swedish Champion! Woohoo! Biggest Congratulations Rizla and dad Radko!! Great work!! :)

This weekend Minos sister Vilda was visiting Lunger with her family! We meet up both Saturday and Sunday and the siblings got to play!! Minos really likes his sister! She is so much fun! :) It was really nice to see you all Per, Anna, Linnéa and Vilda!! :)
Lelle, Per, Minos and Vilda!
Minos and Vilda!
Minos and Vilda!
Minos and Vilda!
Lelle and Minos!
Saturday July 4rd, 2009
Minos puppies 1 year old today!!!!
Biggest Congratulations to all R-litter puppies on their first birthday!!! :)

Got some great news from the KC show in Visby, Gotland today - Minos sister BIM got her 2nd certificate to become a Swedish Champion!! BIGGEST Congrat Åsa & BIM!!
Rex Ventors R-litter!
Friday July 3rd, 2009
My best friend Linda's birthday!!! Congrat Linda! I'm really looking forward to see you home in Sweden soon!

Got some really beautiful head shots of Minos son Ruger! Isn't he stunning? He and Minos is really look alike! I also got the offical photo from when Ruger won Best Headed!
Rex Ventors Rare Edition - Ruger!
Rex Ventors Rare Edition - Ruger!
Wednesday July 1st, 2009
I haven't written for a while! But now I finally got the time!
Minos, Axel and I have now moved out in the summer house! It's lovely being out here, epecially now when it's so hot outside! We are swimming/bathing every day and Minos enjoys every second of it! :)

Some puppy news!
Last weekend Ruger and Rakel where in the ring again! This time Ruger was awarded best of breed and puppy in group!! He is fantastic!! :) Rakel entered the ring in NKK Trondheim and placed 2nd in junior class with champion quality!! :) I'm so proud of you both!!! :)

Last week Vimla was at our place while Jenny was out. I took some pictures of her, she is sooo funny! She didn't quite enjoy Axel being there on the mattress with her. But she didn't move. But you can tell by the look in her face what she thinks! :) Sweet!
Minos sleeping!