minos - diary february 2009

Saturday February 28th - Sunday March 1st, 2009
The puppies have been showing off in the ring this weekend again!
In Norway Rakel became BIR & BIG-2!!
In Australia Ruger was awarded "Runner Up Best of Breed" and then got Minor Puppy in Hound Group!!
Here in Sweden Rizla became BIR, BIG-1 & BIS-2!!
What a weekend for the R-litter!!! Biggest hugs from a very proud "grandma" Annika!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Rex Ventors Ruger!
Rex Ventors Rizla!
Friday February 27th, 2009
Dinner and TV-night at the Karlsson/Perssons! Vimla & Jenny joined us in the sofa! Thank's for a soft and lovely evening!
Minos and Vimla!
Annika, Minos, Jenny and Vimla in the sofa!
Minos, Jenny and Vimla in the sofa!
Wednesday February 25th, 2009
Pics of Ramses and Raven! Thank's Veronica! :)
Rex Ventors Raven!
Rex Ventors Ramses!
Tuesday February 24th, 2009
Yesterday mum paid Raven a visit on her way home from the midwife. He has really grown since her last visit! Such a pretty face! In the eavning mum went to the SKK garage to have a look at Raven and Ramses when they had some show training. "Grandma" Veronica was also there and gave some good advice! It was really nice to see you all!! :) Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures despite I got the camera with me... I took a lot of pictures with Veronicas camera so maybe she will hand me some! ;) Here comes one pic of Raven from my mobile at least!
Rex Ventors Raven!
Today Minos, Jenny, Vimla & I took a lovely morning walk on the ice!! It was the most beautiful day!! Here comes some pics from my mobile! Maybe Jenny will hand over some of the great pics she took later! ;)
Jenny, Vimla and Minos!
Out on the ice!
Thursday February 19th, 2009
Oh, mum is getting bigger and bigger and the walkes goes slower and slower... But as lucky as I'm I have Vimla to play around with! :) She keeps me fit! Although mum is getting bigger she and I have had some obedience training. Really good brain exercise! Now I also can manage to clean up my toys and spin! :)
Minos and Annika taking a nap in the sofa!
Sunday February 15th, 2009
Our super puppy girl Rakel in Norway has also been in the ring again this weekend! This time she ended up 2ond in her class! Congrat!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Saturday February 14th, 2009 - Valentine's day!
Lovely puppies Risla and Ramses attended puppy show in Sollentuna today! Risla really showed off with "dad" Radko and ended up BIS-3!! Wheeehyyy! Stunning brother Ramses became BOS!
Rex Ventors Risla - BIS3!
Rex Ventors Ramses - BOS!
Sunday February 8th, 2009
Minos puppies Rolex and Ruger have attended shows in Írebro respective Bundaberg Kennel Club, Australia today! They both did phenomenal! Rolex ended up 2ond best puppy male with honors prize. Ruger was awarded Reserve Challenge - 2nd best male (for the 2nd time in a little over a week) and then awarded Minor Puppy in the Hound Group!! We are soooo proud of you both!!
Also have a look at this Risnig Star of 2009 Leaderboard (up to 18 months of age)! Also see picture below!
Pictures of Rolex will come soon!
Ruger - Risnig Star of 2009 Leaderboard!
Saturday February 7th, 2009
Today Lelle, I, Minos and Vimla took a long walk in the snow and fog! Vimlas mum Jenny is away on a boat trip so Vimla stays at our place! :) It's a real joy having Vimla over, she and Minos is the best lovecuple ever!! :)
Please Annika, may we step outside?!
Vimla beggs for permission!
Run Minos - run!!
Vimla and Minos got speed!
Vimla and Minos looking for candy!
Vimla is playing her rumpgame with Lelle!
Vimla plays with Lelle!
Playing with Lelle!
Sunday February 1st, 2009
Lovley Minos daughter Rakel has shown her paws in the rings in Norway! This Sunday she ended up BOS! Way to Go!!! :) Biggest Congratulations!
Lovely Minos daughter Rakel!