minos - diary april 2009

Sunday April 26th, 2009
What a weekend!! This Friday the whole family headed off to Lunger!
We spended Saturday afternoon at grandma and grandpa in Götlunda. My dogfriends Hampe and Sigge were also there with mum's sister Marita and her kids Filip ("Pi") and Moa. Dad Lelle was at the endurotrack training!

Sunday: Dogshow in Västerås! We weren't there but got great news by text - baby Rizla 2ond best bitch and her first CC from juniorclass!! Wooohooo! Biggest Congrat!!:)
In Norway sister Rakel also entered juniorclass, WON an got an CK (Excellent)!! Unfortunately she didn't get placed in BB :( Very well done Anne-Karin and Rakel!
Rex Ventors Rizla!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Friday April 24th, 2009
Time flyes when you have a little one! Especially when they don't sleep except when you are out walking... You can imagine how much that is done at home... Nothing! Anyways, yesterday Linda and Alvin (who is born the same day as Axel) visited us before our lunchwalk in the sun! Guess who the chubby one is!?!

In the evening Lelle, Axel, Minos and I had a 2 hours walk in Ursvik! Lovely! :) Minos really enjoyed the whole pack together!

Just have to show some pictures of Minos playing with grandma (he loooves her!!), some pictures of Axel and the lovely picture of Minos sleeping in his favourite spot - in the sacco in the sun!!
Axel and Alvin!
Axel !
Minos and grandma Barbro!
Axel and Minos feets!
Monday April 20th, 2009
Monday again and another sleepless night... This weekend a lot happend!

First the best news!
Our little darling RV Ruger in Australia was awarded Puppy in Show at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc Show in Newcastle, New South Wales!!! He is a true beauty that little boy!

Both Saturday and Sunday we have had the pleasure to meet up with Minos brother Aston! On Saturday Stefan and Lelle took a morning walk with the guys and on Sunday mum Annika, Axel and I took a ride to Lidingö and visited Anna Karin and Aston! We had a lovely walk in the sun and then a cup of coffee! Thank's Anna Karin, always nice to meet you!!!
Rex Ventors Ruger!
Tuesday April 14th, 2009
Our sweet Axel is now 1 month old! We are going to celebrate by going to Karin and Tord tonight! :)
I forgot to write yesterday - I finally got the time to make a personal track in the woods for Minos yesterday!! He really enjoyed it and it was quite a hard track. But my best Minos found all the sticks and took all the angles perfect!! And that despite the very marshy ground! What a guy! :)
Monday April 13th, 2009
Some while ago I got some pictures of Minos gorgeous son Rex Ventors Raven! I have forgotten about them (sorry Daniel!!) but here they finally are!

I also want to CONGRATULATE Rex Ventors Rizla and Rex Ventors Ramses who became 5th best bitch! respectively 3rd best junior male with honours price yesterday at their official debute at "Lilla Stockholm"!!! Do I have to say that I'm proud???!! :)
Rex Ventors Raven!
Rex Ventors Raven!
Rex Ventors Raven!
Wednesday April 8th, 2009
Minos got a mobileblog! I'm going to keep it in Swedish but for those of you who only can read in English - you can look at the pictures! ;) Here comes the link until I've got the time to put it up in the linklist! Minos Swedish mobileblog! Enjoy!
Minos blog!
Monday April 6th, 2009
It's been a while! Axel has taken all my time & when I'm "off Axel" all my time goes to Minos or the apartment (which still is a chaos except the livingroom which has got a total makeover!)!

Minos, Axel and I has spent the last week in the cottage house while the livingroom was renovated and Lelle started to work. We have had the best of times! The sun the sun shone from a cloudless sky almost every day, Minos has been sunbathing on the deck, we have taken long walks, we have had a lot of visitors (sisters - with dogs, cousins, niece and nephews, mum and dad, parents-in-law, aunt and uncle, best friends and so on!)

I haven't had the time to say THANK YOU for all phonecalls, greetings cards, flowers, text messages, all kind words in our guestbook and so on!!! THANK YOU - We really appreciate it!!! :)

Here comes some mixed pictures from the latest week in Lunger. To see all pictures have a look in the gallery! Enjoy!